So Who Am I?

I’m your friendly neighborhood Mama Bear, or MB for short. The main cast of characters feature Baby Bear and Papa Bear, or BB and PB for short. The story behind the names? Suffice it to say there are some people in this world who feel entitled to a spot in your life because they happen to share a small amount of DNA with members of your little family. And MB is fiercely protective of both her cub and PB. I don’t make a habit of keeping abusive assholes in my life, so I demolished every trace of my online presence since they saw fit to try and shoehorn their way into my life through social media. Therefore, details and pictures will be intentionally vague until such time as the hounds back off. I may get slightly more comfortable as time goes on, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Now with that bit of unpleasantness out of the way, let’s talk about something much more pleasant, what I do with the precious few hours BB sleeps during the day! There is a fair bit of caffeine consumption to make really anything besides passing out an option. My “one true passion” in life is writing, which is the main reason why I decided to start this blog. I refuse to let the assholes in my life take that away from me, and I was stagnating in other creative pursuits as a result. So back to the blogosphere I go. I love taking pictures as well. I wouldn’t call myself a photographer, I snap most of my photos with my phone, and you won’t see 99% of them because most of my photos are of BB, PB, or the pets.

I love to love on the people I care about through food. My primary form of affection is baking, though PB has been instrumental in helping me become more confident in the kitchen overall. And don’t worry, I will always post the recipe at the top of every post, if I include a story at all. I want to share these recipes with you so you can share them with your family and create your own memories, not force you to listen to me ramble on about something you have no way of truly understanding. I’m not looking to make money, and to be honest, I’d rather my blog stay off the top search results on google, so there’s really no point to make my readers struggle to find what they actually want.

For my international visitors, I will endeavor to include weights. For my friends stateside, I highly suggest you invest in a food scale! They are small, fit in a kitchen drawer, and run about $15 on Amazon. Every one of my recipes has been improved by weighing out the ingredients, as it’s much more accurate. If you’re thinking about counting calories, weighing your food is also much more accurate, if a little disappointing. Portion sizes in U.S restaurants are drastically larger than what you should actually be eating, so it can be rather startling to see what a serving actually is. Look at the bright side, your food will last a lot longer!

Okay, stepping off my soapbox. Have I mentioned I can be rather verbose? I apologize in advance. If you’ve made it this far, have some wine and cookies. Toodles!

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