Bullet Journaling My Way

In my last post I mentioned I had started a bullet journal to help with long term goals. I already have a planner that I use for day to day tasks so I wasn’t interested in duplicating that in my bujo, but I liked the idea of having my long term goals written down where I could work on them over time. And so my very first bujo was born! The photos in this gallery with one exception were taken 1/1/2019, just as an FYI:

From the top left to the bottom right:

My gratitude journal. At the end of every week, I’ll be listing one thing I’m grateful for, so that at the end of the year I have a list of 52 things I can look over to see the good from the year.

My 52 books in 52 weeks challenge. Reading has fallen by the wayside in the aftermath of moving and toddler life, but I’d really like to be able to get back to it so I’ve committed to a a book per week.

My 2019 word of the year is Renewal. After the catastrophe that was last year my whole family could use renewal, so I chose that as my word of the year. Each month I’ll pick an area I’d like to focus on and highlight a specific action to take that month. This month I’ll be finding a new therapist to help with PPD/PPA.

My calendar, where I’ll be doing my daily doodle. This month I’m working on a basic flower, next month will be a heart, March a four leaf clover, etc.

My habit tracker. When PPD hits, often it’s a struggle to maintain my daily habits, so I’m using my habit tracker to keep up with those when my only motivation is filling in the block. It’s been really effective so far, so I’m hopeful this will really help.

My goals, word, and theme page. Every month I’ll come up with a specific set of goals for different areas of my life focused around my word and theme for the month. My word of the month also plays a role in my weeklies, as you’ll see in a bit.

My mood tracker. Seeing the various moods throughout the month help me see when I’m trending downward, as well as identify triggers.

My weeklies and dailies. I’m using my weeklies and dailies to build my vocabulary so I can eventually get back to writing my book. My word of the week are synonyms of my word of the month, and my words of the day are from an app I downloaded to my phone. I’ll be doing a post next week to break my weeklies and dailies down a bit further, but for this week’s future posts all you need to know is I come up with a writing prompt every Friday for my word of the week, and I’ll be sharing those with you every Friday!

Do you keep a bullet journal? I’d love to see them if you do!

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