Renewal: 2019 Word of the Year

We actually took Christmas photos this year!

So apparently there’s a new wordpress editor? I’m trying it out so I apologize for any formatting mistakes.

I’ve picked up a couple new hobbies since we last spoke, namely bullet journaling. One of the spreads I’m doing in my bullet journal or bujo for short is a word of the year. Something to focus on both internally and in the life of my family. I chose renewal because after the hell of a year we had last year, me and my family could definitely use some renewal. But more on that later.

As is my custom, at the end of 2018 I sat down with pen in hand to come up with a few goals for the new year. I focused on specific actions that would lead to renewal for me, and ultimately for my family. They are as follows:

  1. Blog more consistently. I’m in a better frame of mind when I write regularly, and since our living situation isn’t ideal I need to focus my attention elsewhere, and writing has always been a productive outlet for me. I’m going to endeavor to write three times a week, more if time allows. Having a teething toddler hinders my time, but I think 3x/week is an attainable goal.
  2. Also in the spirit of writing, I’m committing to journaling more consistently as well. Even if I’m just jotting down what happened that day, I’m ending each day by journaling out my thoughts. I’ll go into more detail about this in my next post.
  3. Healthier living. I came to the realization today that I am addicted to food. I eat my feelings, and since I’ve had a lot of feelings over the last few months, my weight has skyrocketed. I’m considered obese. I took before pictures, and they aren’t pretty. I won’t post them publicly, I’m that embarrassed about it. So I had Joe (papa bear) take my measurements and I’m logging my food. I’ll slowly introduce exercise as well once I’m consistently eating better, and I’m drinking more water.
  4. Social media. I’m going to take a step back and delete Facebook from my phone, probably in the next few days. I get sucked into competing with my family and friends to see who is living their best life, and it just isn’t healthy. It’s gotten to the point where it’s affecting my mental health and my relationships with family and friends. Joe hasn’t installed the FB app on his new phone and is 1,000x better for it.
  5. Finally, but most importantly, I’m recommitting to faith, and developing a deeper relationship with God through the study of His word. I’m hesitant to go back to church just because I don’t want that to become another source of unhealthy comparison for me, but I’ll reevaluate in a few weeks/months once I’ve had some time to see what God wants to show me.

And that’s it! Have you made any resolutions/commitments for the new year? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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