I’ve decided…

That life is too short to hide behind anonymity. I want to be able to share my world with my readers, and if family happens to find this, so be it. They’re about to lose any hold they have on us, so it doesn’t really matter anyways. Which brings me to my next important bit of news:

We’re moving! This time next month, we’ll be making our way from the great state of California to the great state of Colorado! Before then, we get to celebrate our awesome little boy’s first birthday! It’s going to be a busy few weeks around here.


I wanted to share this picture here as well as on my post about my husband’s sister because it perfectly embodies everything she was about. She loved our little boy with a fierceness only matched by her love for her own little family. The featured image above was taken at her youngest son’s third birthday party last week. It breaks my heart that she wasn’t there to play with him, because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would have. In the aftermath of my son’s birth, she was there without hesitation. It kills me inside to know that my son won’t remember her, and that she won’t get to meet any future babies.

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