Dear Mama Bear

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the considerable amount of time Papa Bear and I have been together, it’s that sometimes you need an outside, unbiased perspective on arguments and disagreements. And therapists are expensive. Now I WILL say, I am NOT a professional, so if your problem is super complex, I’ll tell you to talk to a professional. If your partner is abusive in any way towards you or your children, my advice will always be the same: you need to leave. Therapy doesn’t work with abusive people, and they often use their partner’s honesty in therapy to abuse them further. I would highly recommend individual therapy so you can learn what attracted you to them in the first place, but ultimately your safety and the safety of those in your care need to come first.

The plus side to having insane family? I have a decent amount of experience navigating complex and difficult relationships, so I can share what has worked for me in a myriad of situations, so I am humbly volunteering to be your unbiased third party. There are a number of ways to get in touch with me depending on your level of comfort. You can of course ask me here, and I will answer your question in a subsequent post. You can send me a message HERE though you will need to include a name and email on that form since it’s primary purpose is private back and forth communication, so I need an email in order to reply. Or if you wish to remain completely anonymous, you can send me a message HERE where all you need to do is type the message and hit send.

I’m thinking I’ll do these posts once a week, depending on how many questions I get. If the problem is urgent in nature please put the word URGENT in all caps at the beginning of the message so I can take that into consideration when planning future posts. I hope to hear from you soon ❤

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