Weight Loss Wednesday’s

I haven’t been a healthy weight in a VERY long time, and pregnancy most definitely didn’t help. I was able to get back to my “pre-pregnancy” weight very quickly, but since my “pre-pregnancy weight is about 100 pounds over what is healthy for me, I figure I should probably get closer to a healthy weight before Baby Bear can outrun me. I know there are those of you who may feel that someone can be “healthy” at any size, however my high blood pressure and pre-diabetes say otherwise FOR ME. In other words, do you home skillet, I’ll do what works for me. We’re also thinking of “hitting the reset button” as Papa Bear likes to call it and growing our little family in the nearish future, and I’d like to start that as close to healthy as possible. I’m hoping that writing about the journey will help keep me accountable.

So every Wednesday I’ll cover a topic related to weight loss. Since healthy eating habits (notice what I didn’t call it?) play a HUGE role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we’ll start next week with everyone’s favorite topic: Portion sizes!

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