Music Monday Anyone?

Pre-Baby Bear’s arrival, I was known to enjoy music not performed by Maui 😂 I also liked to indulge in the drama that seemed to follow musicians wherever they went, especially the drama they created themselves. So why not talk about both?

The first I heard of DJ Khaled tweeting the DUMBEST thing I’ve heard in recent days was in a mom group on FB. Of course I needed to see the stupidity for myself, so I opened twitter and started laughing so hard I woke Papa Bear up. And then I saw what Dwayne Johnson tweeted and I turned about 50 shades of red 😮

If she’s happy in the relationship that’s one thing, or if oral isn’t her thing that’s fine, but just the attitude is so selfish. Not so much the not reciprocating part, but the expecting her to perform oral on him part. And for him to just put their business out there like that! I’d be so embarrassed, especially if he didn’t ask/tell her first. Then again, we already know he doesn’t view her as an equal partner in the relationship, so I doubt it 🙄 I think that’s the part that bugs me the most.

Can we talk about A Perfect Circle’s new album for a moment? Is anyone else just not really a huge fan? I can’t quite put my finger on why I don’t like it. It’s certainly very different from past albums, but that hasn’t bothered me before. This song is very slowly starting to grow on me, but the rest of the album just doesn’t sit well for some reason.

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